Dawn to the Soul

Dawn to the Soul

A beauteous scene, dawn upon lake.
A strong comparison, perhaps to make.
Moral ideals, versus acts that you take.

Walk to the edge, tread with care.
Cast eyes down, take a stare.
Open your soul, if you dare.

In that reflection, what do you see.
Angel or Devil, what might you be.
Good deed or bad, how much the fee.

To yourself, you might lie.
On Reaper approach, tis time to die.
Meet it with honour, or inexorable sigh.

Dawn to the Soul

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We all come across obstacles in our life. Some are boundaries that perhaps should not be crossed, whilst others need bridging to allow the continuance of our journey.

Larger obstacles require good supports for the bridge to be strong. Our choice of support & method of bridging can not only change our final destination but also reflects heavily upon ourselves & the long-term likelihood of success.

So seek out support when you need it, but whence it shall come; choose this wisely.

Missed Reflections

Missed Reflections

Missed Reflections

I stand quietly, soaking in my heart-warming surroundings. A thought crosses my mind.

As we’re whisked, by modern travel & busy lives, from one business or social connection to another; what reflection do we miss?
Do we lose a valuable perspective, an engaging encounter here, a fulfilling experience there?
Or do these things simply not matter in our modern world of searching for artificial creatures on our smartphones, for artificial fulfilments in artificial lives.

I continue to ruminate upon the thought whilst enjoying the sensory inputs around me.

The bouncing strides of a female Wheatear flashing her pied tail feathers as she goes.
The gentle caress of a shrimp as it swims across one’s digits.
A warm sweet petrichor wafting across my nostrils affirming the life giving rains that recently blessed the land.
The gentle lap of waves, twitter of birds, sigh of breeze.
Before it is all briefly shattered by the cacophony of a productive unit delivery system whooshing another canned group of humans to their inevitable expedited destinies.

The thought forms sharp focus in my brain.

How can we remain connected to nature, rooted in earthy reality; when the only reflection we have time for is our own. The mask we check, the aurora we hope to maintain whilst facing this media centric, image obsessed human sphere that we have created for ourselves.

Perhaps we would do well to make room for a more natural type of reflection. A reflective consciousness that tethers us to base earth. That feels nature, breathes it, lives within her bounds. How else shall we know the answer to questions like that a wise person once posed …

“When the last tree is felled, the last river is poisoned …”
What good will all your money do you as you gasp your last oxygen starved breath through dry parched mouth, hunger pangs in belly?

I’ve only ever heard one convincing answer… no good whatsoever!

So how else shall we learn to save ourselves – the greatest conservation challenge that we face.

We move ever further towards valuing that which we do not need, at the expense of that which we do. In doing so we give ourselves no time to recognise the folly of our own ways.