Tamsin the autumn fairy

One of the great pleasures of working with your enthusiastic & artistic daughter are the impromptu moments of photographic opportunity. Tamsin is an excellent model with a natural ease acting in front of camera – more than that though, her creativity tends to inspire the photographer. Only the other...


Oh how she’s grown!

Looking through some old photos today. Here’s two of Tamsin: Firstly on her bicycle in May 2004 and then … on her bicycle in May 2011 I think the title says it all. There are more Tamsin pics in the Gallery.


Tamsin’s 10th Birthday

At 11:57am today (April 1st) Tamsin reached double figures. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that she was just toddling around on all fours! Anyway here is a brief description of her day: Breakfast in bed – a good way to start any birthday. Followed by open the...