Pumpkin Moon

Tamsin’s Halloween pumpkin often makes an appearance for Bonfire Night. This year’s theme was “Bats around the moon”. Hope the dark magic doesn’t go to far ..

Witches and Dark
Call upon Kith & Kin
Bats commanded to Hark
Enchant the Pumpkin
Rise up real soon
Eclipse that moon

Tamsin the autumn fairy

One of the great pleasures of working with your enthusiastic & artistic daughter are the impromptu moments of photographic opportunity. Tamsin is an excellent model with a natural ease acting in front of camera – more than that though, her creativity tends to inspire the photographer. Only the other day we were setting to on routine maintenance of our weather station equipment. As ever a vine needed trimming back from the main rain gauge; before long Tamsin was plaiting the offcuts in to a fairy crown or wreath. The early autumn leaf tinges in crimson were complemented by the red fleece that she was wearing, so down the ladder I climbed & went to fetch a camera.

If you’d like to read the full article and pick up some tips on the photography & processing, then why not head across to the main article on my photography blog.

Oh how she’s grown!

Looking through some old photos today. Here’s two of Tamsin:

Firstly on her bicycle in May 2004

Recovery Service

and then …

on her bicycle in May 2011


I think the title says it all.

There are more Tamsin pics in the Gallery.

Tamsin’s 10th Birthday

At 11:57am today (April 1st) Tamsin reached double figures. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that she was just toddling around on all fours!

Anyway here is a brief description of her day:

Breakfast in bed – a good way to start any birthday. Followed by open the post, some playing, swinging, fussing of ponies etc.

Barbecue for lunch with Tamsin acting as chef of honour, see pictures. Delivery van arrived with some presents whilst we were having the barbecue.

In the afternoon we had a treasure hunt for Tamsin to find her hidden presents & after that she went for a ride on Tarragon.

Tamsin's 10th Birthday Tamsin's 10th Birthday
10th Birthday Ride Tamsins 10th Birthday

click an image to see a larger view …


That brings us to her favourite evening meal, Lamb Chops; followed by a special chocolate cake.

To round off the day, we had fun mothing before bedtime; 4 different species of moth seen (not that we’ve identified them yet).

All in all, a busy day & a happy Tamsin.