Cool Surveys

RSPB Big Garden Bird watch, it’s amazing how quickly the year goes by. We chose to do our watch on the Saturday this year and it’s been a beautiful crisp cold day. Most of the expected birds turned up for their daily feed, you can see our results further...


Tranquil Waters

We’re lucky enough to have several RSPB  reserves locally; the nearest one being Ynys-Hir . I try to visit them as often as possible but probably don’t make as much use of them as I might. And I guess that’s what this post is about, a quick mention for Ynys-Hir...


Big Garden Bird Watch 2010

Last weekend was the 2010 instalment of the RSPB’s “Big Garden Bird Watch”. The whole family took part on a day that was beautiful for the event, we were joined by a Robin who seemed to enjoy bird watching himself. Chilly with a layer of snow on the ground...