Foswilde Fireberry visits the Opera

Foswilde Fireberry wishes to announce that she will be at the opera in Waterdeep this weekend. Being her first visit to this thriving city, Foswilde is taking this opportunity to meet some of the wonderful local residents. Posters such as the one above, have been pasted on various street billboards. Foswilde will be in attendance with the Fabulous Fablers and also anticipates the company of her beau; the most celebrated Madam Doubblith de Noirvare. With many thanks to the enchanters & printers of the Southern Ward.

[For those not aware, Foswilde (Elven/Genasi Rogue 5) is one of AnnMarie’s D&D characters and is a little naïve upon the finer subtleties of society, whilst being somewhat forthright of manner. I am sure that the opera night will be most illuminating.]

Cavern of the Fey – a DnD adventure

I wrote this DnD ( D&D – Dungeons & Dragons) adventure as our party [The Fabulous Fablers] had just finished the “Lost Mine of Phandelver” adventure. Our party has business to attend to in Waterdeep but have also expressed an interest in investigating rumours of Elemental Evil from the Dessarin Valley (Princes of the Apocalypse).
I felt that with the forthcoming release of “Dragon Heist” we might combine all these interests together but I needed a little story in the meantime. Thus Cavern of the Fey was born.

You can read the pdf document on this page and download it from my Onedrive below, along with a supplemental zip file of mapping artwork.

Should you be interested in creating your own stories in this style, may I take the opportunity of recommending the following resources that I used for this project:

– Obviously the core D&D rule books
– Adobe InDesign for the layout & publishing
– Adobe Photoshop for refining graphics
– The excellent donjon tools for dungeon layout and encounter balancing
Inkarnate for some outdoor mapping
– Graphical representation of Dungeons in Dungeon Painter Studio.
– additional vector graphics from Pixabay‘s generous artists.

You might also consider taking a look at some of my art & photography over on Natures Universe, thanks.

Download links:

Read my DM’s adventure here:

Cavern of the Fey web