The Storm

Contrasts, that’s what makes us perceive life and so it was on the ‘Storm’ day. The sun shone yellow like a great sunflower in the sky. A light breeze whispered through the grass; the heavy pollen bound heads swaying to and fro, as a festival crowd might do. There...


The Antidote

The other day I took the above photo of river, warm autumn woodland colours and stone cottage. Tamsin & I were discussing how the peaceful natural perspective gained from living in such a spot might help as an antidote to solve many of the human world’s problems. And so...


Dawn to the Soul

Dawn to the Soul A beauteous scene, dawn upon lake. A strong comparison, perhaps to make. Moral ideals, versus acts that you take. Walk to the edge, tread with care. Cast eyes down, take a stare. Open your soul, if you dare. In that reflection, what do you see....