Barmouth Bridge 150th Anniversary Fireworks

The iconic bridge at Barmouth is 150 years old & celebrations were in full swing last night with song, music, dance & much merriment. You can read more about the bridge on wiki. I’m a fan of Barmouth (& you won’t hear me say that of many towns) and...


Harvest Moon Sunsets

Do you ever have one of those days or projects where you start off aiming to do one thing but end up with something quite different? Well this is a tale of one such occurrence. An example, if you will, of why flexibility is good and how beneficial, accepting...



So we’re having something of a Harry Potter marathon this week. Last week ,in preparation, I finally completed my Pottermore registration. What’s really cool is that Tamsin & I have ended up in the same houses at both Hogwarts & Ilvermorny. That is, Hufflepuff & Thunderbird. So by way...