Hmm, how to vote in next week’s general election?

Quite the quandary.
(Not party political, even if I do give my choice).

For those who regularly vote along well-worn party lines, next week will simply be a matter of ‘doing their duty’ in the polling booth. But, for the open-minded floating voter, choosing a party / candidate can be something of a tribulation. Here’s a little insight into one such voter’s mind, my own …

• Heart or Mind – should I vote pragmatically, analyse who IMHO will do the best job of looking after economics, society, defence OR should I vote for those who perhaps share my ideals, my vision of the future i.e. go with my heart.

• Is there anybody there – can I actually find someone who represents me at all? Maybe it would be better to not vote or to spoil my ballot with “None of the above”?

• Trustworthy! – I’m trying to educate myself but can I trust the proposals laid out in each party’s manifesto. I’m really not sure that I can trust the traditional media to report the facts accurately & unbiasedly. Social media is no better – full of polarised opinion & fake news.

• Short-term or Long-term; National or International – Although I’m not pleased to be leaving the EU, we do now need good strong negotiators who will find the best road ahead. But that’s short-term, what if the best negotiators have a future long-term view that I don’t approve of? And of course, it’s all too easy to maintain an inward looking almost xenophobic view without considering that the long-term future must involve us all, the entire planet.

In my life, whilst just like many others I enjoy some fun in the here & now; I have tried to make the more major decisions with an eye to the future. I worry about what sort of world we’re leaving for our children to live in. For example, that’s why Tamsin & I have spent time & effort planting hundreds of trees; trees that I hope she will live to see mature. So much of today’s politics is short-termism – a fact brought in to sharp focus by Donald Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris climate treaty (so typical of some humans to value immediate personal gain over long-term wisdom to the benefit of all).

It was upon reflecting about these contrasting desires & wisdom that I came to my conclusion of who to vote for.
Whilst I disagree with various policies of this party (unilateral disarmament to name one) and they currently stand little chance of wielding much power; they are the only party to have grasped that for future generations to enjoy the benefits of education, health service, transport et al. firstly they must still have a decent planet to live upon. And so, as a vote for future hope, I will be voting for the Green Party next week.

Here’s a couple of their policies that caught my eye (not just environmental ones) :
• Pass an Environment Protection Act to safeguard and restore the environment
• Introduce proportional representation for parliamentary and local elections
• Move towards a four-day working week and “universal basic income”
• Lower the voting age to 16
• Retain free movement of citizens between the UK and the EU
• Abolish SATs tests
• Ban arms sales to oppressive regimes
• Hold a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal, with the option of staying in the EU