Mistress of the Mount

I don’t like missing photo opportunities, so it’s rare to find me away from home without a camera. Yesterday was no exception, we needed to pop out to the local farm suppliers to pick up a new rug for Tamsin’s pony, Tarragon. On the way there, we noticed a welsh mountain ewe; proudly standing on her piece of mountain. By now it was well into dusk  and I had no tripod with me. Fortunately I had the 5D & 24-105 lens with me so I upped the ISO setting and fired off an exposure compensated trio whilst the helpful sheep stood still.

It may be no Monarch of the Glen but I think she deserves the title of " Mistress of the Mount".

Mistress of the Mount   Click image for a larger view …

I really love this piece of countryside, the views are ever changing and yet centuries old.


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