Garden Birds – Up Close

The last few days I’ve been testing some new photography equipment. The weather has been fairly damp & murky, until today, which was beautiful. Anyway I decided that one of my test subjects should be some of the birds in and around the garden / hedgerows. Amongst others that includes:

– Chaffinch- Brambling

– Blue Tit

– Greater Spotted Woodpecker

– Siskin- Robin

– Dunnock

– Buzzard (soaring high above)

Here are a few images, be sure to click the link at the bottom to view the interactive image of a Dunnock:

_MG_0013  _MG_0047
_MG_0098 _MG_8621

As I said today was a distinct improvement and I could do some winter hedgerow shots:

_MG_0126 _MG_0089
_MG_0116 _MG_8612

Have you ever looked really closely at a small bird? Their fine feathers and exquisite colours are so beautiful. Click here for high resolution image of a Dunnock. The image is scrollable & zoomable and having been taken at a focal length of 1000mm, there’s quite a bit of detail (more detail downloaded each time you zoom, so give it a little while).

I’m really looking forward to spring now! Lots of photography opportunities.

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