Dyfi Forest and Cadair Idris

Well I’ve been posting so much on astronomy recently that I’ve neglected other types of photography. The last few days have been stunning & yesterday Tamsin & I went for a local wander, opportunity for a few landscape shots 🙂


This is where I live, a totally inspirational place, whatever the season. The mountain in the distance is Cadair Idris, a popular snowdonian mountain. As you come closer you enter Dyfi forest and in the valley beneath me, there is the village of Aberllefenni. In times gone by all the tops were pasture & many of the slopes were oak forestry (as some still are); but the area is now dominated by coniferous forestry.

This shot was taken in the middle of the day, often morning & evening provide a softer more picturesque & sculpting light but that was not what I wanted here. UV & Polarising filters were used to help balance & enrich the shot. Processing was carried out in Adobe Lightroom but very little was needed. This was taken with a Canon 20D and 24-105 L lens, a favourite combination of mine.

Oh & yes I am currently working on another astrophotograph project.

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