“Alien Dusk”

"Alien Dusk"
for +Julia Anna Gospodarou 's Sea Tuesday

Here's a photo from earlier this month; taken on the beach just south of Llwyngwril, as the sun set on a windy day where I'd been seeking out a cloud break by visiting the coast.

This is a 3 minute exposure using the 82mm Heliopan ND3 filter. The rising tide was being driven in by a strong south-westerly and this helped to add to the translucent satin mist that typifies these long exposures.

Once I'd dried off my feet and then reviewed the image, I immediately started thinking not of the Irish Sea but imagining the boulder strewn landscape of a world yet to be explored.

Hoping that you too, can become lost for a while in this Alien Dusk …

#SeaTuesday #Photography #Wales

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