Of Woodpeckers & Space Shuttles

Well apart from all the routine daily things, we’ve had an interesting day of observations. Just after lunchtime I was looking out of the window whilst drinking my tea. We have a little bird feeding area set-up just outside and I was watching a Greater Spotted Woodpecker come for food. It occurred to me that

In the steps of Galileo and beyond

In 1610 the Italian scientist Galileo trained one of the new telescope devices on the skies; amongst his observations were 4 moons that orbit Jupiter. Today we know that there are over 60 moon like objects that orbit this great planet; but it’s still an experience to view the 4 Galilean moons [that is, Callisto,

The skies – a natural wonder

The sky is a truly wonderful sight, our sparkling ceiling of glittering stars. Tamsin is fascinated by space and all that’s in it. I guess her interest is helped partly by catching on with my interests but also helped along by Linda Chapman’s excellent ‘Stardust’ children’s story books, which she loves. While I’m on the

Lunar Eclipse

Well this seems like a suitable first post. Over the last few days we’ve been hoping for clear skies tonight. Why? Because a lunar eclipse was due to occur. This is when the earth passes between the sun & the moon. They don’t happen at every full moon because the moon’s orbit is tilted and

Still Buildiing

Welcome to my Blog. I’m still building it at the moment, so I wouldn’t expect much before the middle of February. Please do come back again when it’s all finished. Thanks.