M31 Andromeda

Just a quick post to say that last Saturday night the clouds cleared briefly and allowed me a hurried chance at imaging Andromeda (M31). [Update – Please see my updated post for much improved imaging & information] For light that’s travelled for over 2 million years it still puts on quite a show. You can

My Birthday

Ssh don’t tell anyone but last Tuesday was my birthday. No, I’m not telling you which one! Anyway I had a great day with my family and a wonderful dinner to round it all off. I’m all excited about the new piggyback camera bracket for our telescope and the new enamelled casserole tin is something

Woody Woodpecker

We have been watching the woodpecker family on & off, for the last few days. The male appears to be doing much of the work with their juvenile, who has gradually been coaxed out of the tree and down to our feeding station. This evening, a fairly dull wet one, the male was collecting food

Of Woodpeckers & Space Shuttles

Well apart from all the routine daily things, we’ve had an interesting day of observations. Just after lunchtime I was looking out of the window whilst drinking my tea. We have a little bird feeding area set-up just outside and I was watching a Greater Spotted Woodpecker come for food. It occurred to me that