Squirrel Nutkin visits

I was sat at my workstation this morning, drinking orange juice & editing pictures for a competition entry, when there was a tap at the window (an upstairs one).

Now I’m used to the birds throwing seed at the window, it’s one of the places that we feed, but when I looked up who did I see …


The squirrels haven’t come up to this window before, seeming to prefer the ground floor feeders. Now taking pictures through dirty double glazing is not the most ideal thing but I couldn’t resist taking a few images:

squirrel  squirrel   Click either of these pictures to see a larger version …

Cute isn’t he. He particularly likes the black sunflower seeds. The slate roof is a bit slippy for him but he seems comfortable enough tackling it.

squirrel squirrel

Mind you the birds aren’t that impressed, the garden conifers are full of an avian queue that includes Tits, Finches, Nuthatches & 3 Jays. These images were taken with the new Sigma 150mm on my 5D, it looks promising for some natural history work this spring. Anyway must get back to work now.


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  • Tuguldur

    January 13, 2009 at 5:47 pm Reply

    what a cutie?!

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