Social Wasps – a case of bad press?

As anyone who follows my social media feeds may know, we were taking place in a little citizen science by surveying wasps across the farm at the end of August. The University behind the survey want to learn more about social wasps and they pointed out that wasps are more beneficial than folk generally credit them with. So do they get a bad press & what were our survey results?

I took a quick non-scientific search across the internet and by the looks of all the social memes, wasps really do get a bad name. No they don’t make honey, yes they can repeatedly sting you and yes they can be seriously annoying when you’re just trying to relax in the park with an ice cream (& the sudden appearance of a wasp can often strip that veneer of cool manliness too!). Take a look at the stinger on one of the Common Wasps that we trapped …

Common Wasp stinger

BUT they do pollinate plants (contrary to what some seem to think) and they do hunt down garden pests like aphids. Like most of mother nature’s wonders they have their place & a positive side, maybe we should give them a little bit of a break (but then you know I’m usually on nature’s side lol). You can read a bit more on the survey project’s website. Here’s the results of our week long survey …

Trap TypeTrap LocationNo. of WaspsSpecies
BeerFarmyard9Vespula vulgaris
BeerWoodland Edge4Vespula vulgaris

Enjoy the rest of the bright weather, with wasps or no.

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