Moths & Glow Worms

The last few days have caused some interest. An old friend kindly pointed out this site. Being interested in nature & thinking this an excellent project for Tamsin, we set out on our garden moth survey. Unfortunately the nights were not ideal being rather blustery & wet. We were luckier with the days & were able to identify 4 of the moths that we have and the survey was interested in; including Humming Bird Hawk Moths as pictured below.


Since returning our results for the Survey we’ve seen 2 more moths that they were interested in. Maybe next year we’ll be a bit more organised and set up a moth lamp to help our observations.

Another bit of interest was caused when Jane found a Glow Worm, as below.


The glow worm is actually a beetle. The females, which this one is, display a bright green light from their last three sections, in order to attract the winged males as mates. The glow really is quite bright when seen in dark surroundings. The picture used a little soft torch light to fill in details, otherwise you’d just see a bright green spot 🙂

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