Goosey Geese at Ynys Hir

We took a quick trip to our local RSPB reserve this week. Just a quick afternoon trip but very enjoyable none the less, if you’re in the area please do consider visiting this fantastic resource. You can find out more by clicking here.

Whilst there are many different species to spot, from squirrels & songbirds to a variety of birds of prey, it was the geese that caught my attention on this beautiful February afternoon.


From this lovely Greylag Goose (above) who was fairly determined to stand with its back to me until it heard me rustle in the reeds, up popped its head whilst I froze for fear of scaring it off; but this picture was the result 🙂 To the goose that I shared my school playing grounds with (see below):


Yes the Canada Goose and this one decided to have a lovely stretch of the wings in the evening sunshine. There really wasn’t a goose shortage today. As the sun set, we were right down on the river estuary the river waters turning a fiery orange as the sun met the horizon.


Swans, Mallard, Pochard and more, came flighting in as dusk fell; but true to the day it was geese who dominated the evening too, with hundreds coming in from the neighbouring area.


Ynys Hir, definitely somewhere to spend some more time.


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