Woody Woodpecker

We have been watching the woodpecker family on & off, for the last few days. The male appears to be doing much of the work with their juvenile, who has gradually been coaxed out of the tree and down to our feeding station. This evening, a fairly dull wet one, the male was collecting food and passing it to the juvenile; who was sat watching, a mere metre or so away.



The young one accepts some food from Dad, as above, then waits & watches while his parent fetches some more.



For those of you who aren’t aware, the male Great Spotted Woodpecker has red feathers in the nape of his neck, the juvenile has a red cap and the female has no red marking on her head & neck.

After some time it looked like the young one wasn’t too impressed with the rain, so off they both flew.



I am not sure whether or not the female still has another chick in the nest, because she seems very reluctant to come to feed.

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