More Infra-Red Photography & Equestrianism

My apologies for having failed to post in over a month, I’ve been a little busy with work. I do however have several posts in the pipe line, so watch this space.

Now down to business, Early in May I had my first proper chance to try out the modified Fuji camera in bright sunshine with fresh foliage. The session was brief & all from home but here are 3 of the resulting pictures:

DSCF0424-07May08  click picture for larger view …

This first picture is a classic use for IR photography, bright foliage with dark skies & shadows. This type of photography can produce high contrast output, although noise control can be something of an issue.

DSCF0418-07May08  click picture for larger view …

Next is a portrait of “Hob Nogglin” one of our youngsters, he’s a 50/50 cross between TB & Welsh Section D. Oh and he loves cameras, he just can’t wait to give the lens a big smeary lick! This picture has a light sepia toning applied to it.

DSCF0431-07May08  click picture for larger view …

This final picture was taken as I was walking back up to our house, the sun had disappeared behind some evening cloud and the high contrast of IR imaging picked up the ‘ray’ effect beautifully. This final picture has been give a duotone effect.


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