Saving the Unicorn

It’s a dark, wet & windy night outside tonight; last few nights too. No astrophotography then, and I’m almost up to date with my standard photo processing – that means I’ve had a little time to indulge myself in a hobby that I keep meaning to learn but never get around too – computer aided 3D artwork. I had in mind a beautiful woman who comes to save a stranded Unicorn. The image was to be set in daylight with a rainbow background; I did that but then I changed it (fickle aren’t I). This is what I’ve ended up with …

Night-Friends  Click image for larger view …

I  settled on simply calling it “Friends” because that’s what we should be with creatures of all kinds. It’s not a complex image but then I’m only a beginner at this. The Lady represents the spirit of Mother Nature that we all have, somewhere within us.

I hope you enjoy the image. Maybe I’ll get chance this winter to practice my artwork some more; if so I’ll post some here.

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