Quartz – Rock of Ages

Yes yes I know poor title choice, I am a Def Leppard fan after all. Anyway this post is really about quartz the rock, you know put a voltage across it and it pulses regularly to keep your wrist watch nice & accurate. Well I’ve always had a thing for it. I used to collect it as a child and Tamsin appears to have inherited the trait.

Polished & unpolished quartz

We have a tumble polisher (Jane’s) and that can produce beautiful glossy specimens. The picture above shows you various samples that we have polished plus a few lumps of ‘raw’ milky quartz from around the farm. You can clearly see different structural qualities within the stones. They are attractive in their own right but can also be used for making your own jewelry with. Manchester Minerals are a great place to find out more info & to buy supplies from.

Quartz is crystalline Silicon Dioxide and is the most common mineral on Earth’s surface. It occurs naturally in many different colours, as you can see from my picture above. It is a fairly hard mineral, rated at hardness 7 on Mohs scale.

Some of the varieties are listed below:

  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Rose Quartz (pink)
  • Rock Crystal (transparent)
  • Milky quartz (partially opaque white)
  • Citrine (yellow)

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