Kites, Beaches and Panoramas

We took a trip to the beach on Tuesday. I needed to work on a photographic project and the weather looked good for Jane and Tamsin to have some seaside fun.


Whilst there I decided to do some work on panoramic imaging in high dynamic range or HDR. On the expanded section of this post I’ve included a highly compressed panoramic animation of the beach. Be warned there may also be a picture of Tamsin deciding to do some extreme beach sports!

Read on for the full story…


So first off, here’s the panoramic animation; I’ve used the HDR to aid in boosting the colour contrast. Some like this & others do not, I think its kind of fun but you wouldn’t want to over do it. The sharp eyed of you may notice variations in sun intensity over the time that I took the 12 exposures required for this image; you should also notice Jane & Tamsin flying a kite down by the water’s edge.

The individual images were taken with a Canon 15mm ‘fullframe’ fisheye on the 5D. As you can imagine on full resolution panoramics, the file size really starts to mount up.

And what of Tamsin’s extreme sports you may ask. Well she started off happily flying her kite and running around.


But take Tamsin near water and its a safe bet that paddling may well follow. She does take after Jane on this, it was Jane who had already led the way into a really too chilly sea. Fortunately I had too much camera gear with me to consider such bravery.


And paddling changed to splashing & running around in the water. This is all great fun of course but its only April and a pretty chilly one so far!


Now if you run fully clothed through gradually deepening water, there is but one inevitability … that’s right you end up swimming!


Tamsin, still giggling was now curious as to why her waterproof coat had not kept her dry! This was certainly one of those wonderful Tamsin moments. Parental decision was now that Tamsin needed to get warm again. So we headed back to the nice warm car and picked up some hot fish & chips too. It wasn’t long before Tamsin was positively glowing again.

All in all, a lovely afternoon outing and I completed what I needed for my project too.


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