Tamsin’s horse model & Photosynth

Tamsin has been working on her first attempt at casting a plaster model of a horse. She’s now finished it and so here are some views of her handy work:

web_MG_5192  Click image for a larger view …

I’m really impressed with it, there are a few air bubbles and her painting technique will improve for practice but it’s a good start; guess I’ll be sent out to buy more plaster now.

Microsoft have just released their new photo toy “Photosynth” from beta, so when Tamsin asked if I’d make an animation or 3D shot I thought that was a great excuse to have a go with Photosynth. [Given that its a new web feature I guess most people will need to install Microsoft’s Photosynth ActiveX control but its just like flash & other such things]. Here’s the synth:


I’m also working on a rotational animation with her, so I may post that soon. It may take a little while because Tamsin wants to learn the technique; all good stuff for a 9 year old daughter to be experimenting with {AnnMarie has a big smile on her face, pats Tamsin on back}.

Update, we’ve finished the animation so just click on more to expand this post and view the animation …

Launch in external player


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