Of Rainbows, Halos and Equinoxes

Despite all the inclement weather, we have recently been treated to views of some varied & beautiful phenomenon in the sky. Here’s a pictorial account of the last week’s worth:

The other day Tamsin & I were off on the hills of mid Wales when we saw a stunning, bright rainbow.

Rainbow_Panorama1e  Click image for larger view …

I didn’t have an ultra wide lens with me so the image is a mosaic of 5 frames, I’m still pleased with how the rainbow colour spectrum has shown up.

Then the other night, 21st March, was the Spring Equinox. A break in the clouds gave us opportunity to watch the full moon rise.

_MG_1002-21Mar08-editcrop Click image for larger view …

I love the view through the trees as the moon crests the mountain ridge behind our home.

And last night ice crystals were causing a beautiful halo around the rising moon.

_MG_8831-22Mar08-Edit Click image for larger view …

Hexagonal ice crystals in Cirrus clouds are the normal cause of this 22.5 degree halo.

Maybe I can photograph some more weather features, and bring them to you this coming year.


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