Look Closely & Imagine

I really enjoy macro photography; it can show us worlds that we don’t usually notice. What’s life like for other creatures? A beautiful flower in our garden might be a fast food bar or a solarium for a small insect. Take this afternoon for example, I was enjoying one of my favourite roses.


It has beautiful shades, sometimes looking purple & sometimes blue. The scent is wonderful but you always have to check before smelling it closely, let’s look why …


Inside the flower not only is there a veritable feast of pollen & nectar but it’s also a perfect sun trap. This small fly has found heaven! Hmm I don’t want him up my nose; perhaps I’ll look at a different flower. Nearby is a yellow rambling rose that also has a scent to enjoy but I’m not alone there either. There’s a rather nice hoverfly enjoying the flowers, in fact he’s quite polite and poses for me to take his portrait.


They have the most fantastic compound eyes (click on the image for a closer look) but I don’t suppose that will help him approve of his portrait photo – it’s not sweet & sticky enough.

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