European Honey Bee, a slideshow

Apis Mellifera, the European honey bee. For anyone who, like me, enjoys toast & honey at breakfast, there’s a lot to feel thankful towards these busy little insects. I’ve been meaning to post something about them since I found one who had died after being caught in an early cold spell. He was still in the flower but had obviously just run out of energy. Anyway I found this poor bee last autumn & did a bit of a study of him, with camera and microscope. I wasn’t sure how to present the data until I recently came across slideshare, so contained in the second part of this post is my PowerPoint presentation, shared as an experiment on slideshare. Just expand the post and click to start …

Note: you may find it better to view this full screen and to proceed manually from slide to slide; alternatively just pause as necessary:

I hope you enjoyed the presentation, if any home education families feel the original PowerPoint file would be good for educational use, get in touch & I’ll see what I can do.

I’d also be interested in opinions about the use of PowerPoint & slideshare. Is it useful? Should I use on my blog more or should I avoid it? Please do let me know, thanks.

Almost forgot, you can find some great electron micrographs of a worker honey bee, by following this link.


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