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Dragon Well (2K Desktop)

Entering a volcanic caldera to find an ancient temple guarded by dragons.

Fantasy Desktop (2K res) featuring a temple, 2 dragons and a fiery mountain top.
Inspired by our party’s Dungeons & Dragons role-play adventures during Wizard of the Coast’s excellent ‘Rise of Tiamat’ campaign.

I have also created an animated version (4K res) for ‘Wallpaper Engine’ that is available from my Steam Workshop page.

Size: 1.3MB
Version: v1.1d
Cavern of the Fey (adventure)

A short Dungeons and Dragons adventure for characters of 4th or 5th level; presented in a PDF file.

“Thus it is the opinion of Mormesk – Wizard &
Scholar of great reputation – that this map &
its tale are complete bunkum; written by a halfwit.
Yet, I am still curious, for there is another
meaning of ‘fey’, that which might suggest dark
mystery & unworldly power.”

I wrote this adventure as a linking adventure for our party [The Fabulous Fablers] when they finished the “Lost Mine of Phandelver”.

Size: 9.5MB
Version: v1.0