Monthly Archives: April 2008

M5 Globular Cluster

I have a growing appreciation of Globular Clusters, a recent break in the weather allowed me to image Messier object 5. The image below is a stack of only 7 sub-exposures.   Click image for a larger view … Exposure: 18mins (4x2mins, 2x3mins, 1x4mins) Focal Length: 1000mm (500mm +...


Kites, Beaches and Panoramas

We took a trip to the beach on Tuesday. I needed to work on a photographic project and the weather looked good for Jane and Tamsin to have some seaside fun. Whilst there I decided to do some work on panoramic imaging in high dynamic range or HDR. On...


Floating Steam Engines & IR Portraits

More fun & games with alternative photography techniques. Floating a Steam Engine! I must have gone mad, well actually that happened a long time ago but I digress! The intention is to make a model train appear as if it is floating and therefore present us with a pleasant...