Conservation is for People too

Tamsin & I are very fortunate, we live in a superb part of the world and we only have to walk out of the front door to feel in touch with nature; actually it’s not unusual to find nature coming in to see us! However, not everyone has that availability; yet it is widely recognised that we humans benefit from staying in touch with nature.

In the poster below, each photo was taken by me, at home, within the last few weeks. The young buzzard on the post was taken from our front doorstep. Another time I was watching him perched in an oak tree, when the locally tagged 2008 Red Kite flew overhead. The wild flowers are growing in the meadow that we have targeted for this purpose; it’s teeming with grasshoppers, spiders, frogs, small birds, etc. Whilst it takes some effort & cost, we are convinced that it is all well worthwhile.

Image with flowers & birds of prey
Wildlife at Foel Friog

Yes I’m very interested in saving the environment for all the creatures that live in it but that includes us humans too. The world will be such a poorer place for the generations that follow us, if we cannot or do not take the trouble to preserve the amazing variety of natural beauty around us.

Everyone can play their part, there are so many things we can do – I personally would encourage people to actually do something directly positive; actions speak so much louder than words and besides it’s so very much more rewarding than simply evangelising like I am here! 😉

Here’s a few ideas (one or two may be controversial, but hey this is me writing):

– In the garden: make a wildlife pond, plant berry bearing shrubs, plant bee friendly nectar rich flowers, leave some of the grass longer.

– In your neighbourhood: volunteer at your local wildlife reserve or with a local wildlife trust, keep your pets supervised & under control.

– In life: make a commitment that the balance of your life will be a positive impact on this planet, consider only having a small family.

– After life: consider leaving a small donation to an environmental charity of your choice.

But, perhaps above all, keep in touch with nature and have FUN doing it.

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