A B & me (image obsession)

A, B & Me – When considering our route to ‘a better life’ it seems rather obvious to say that we should be ourselves – be true to our inner identity. But, in a society where we are increasingly battered & bamboozled by expectations, imagery and full on criticisms, it is not necessarily all that easy.

Personal Identity, Feminism & LGBTQ+ matters

Note: This discussion document (upon personal identity) is written to be suitable for young people as well as the more mature, indeed I hope that it will help some who face various issues as they are growing up. However, it does touch on certain themes that some countries & religious persuasions may feel to be

Hmm, how to vote in next week’s general election?

Quite the quandary. (Not party political, even if I do give my choice). For those who regularly vote along well-worn party lines, next week will simply be a matter of ‘doing their duty’ in the polling booth. But, for the open-minded floating voter, choosing a party / candidate can be something of a tribulation. Here’s

Remembrance, for our children.

Remembrance – What message? TLDR – What? You can’t spare a few minutes of consideration for a matter so important. Fair enough – go in peace. In many countries of our world, we have a day upon which we remember the fallen of wars past. For some the date of such is the 11th November;

Missed Reflections

Missed Reflections I stand quietly, soaking in my heart-warming surroundings. A thought crosses my mind. As we’re whisked, by modern travel & busy lives, from one business or social connection to another; what reflection do we miss? Do we lose a valuable perspective, an engaging encounter here, a fulfilling experience there? Or do these things