Dyfi Forest and Cadair Idris

Well I’ve been posting so much on astronomy recently that I’ve neglected other types of photography. The last few days have been stunning & yesterday Tamsin & I went for a local wander, opportunity for a few landscape shots ๐Ÿ™‚ This is where I live, a totally inspirational place, whatever the season. The mountain in

Jupiter & a golden Moon over Corris

Last night the moon set behind Corris at about 9 ‘o’ clock, Jupiter was also shining brightly in the same section of sky.      40s f4.5 ISO200 22mm       This was the view from my home at 9pm last night. The village of Corris is beneath the setting moon, to the right

Seeing Red

I enjoy utilising many different techniques for my photography. One particularly interesting avenue is infra-red exposures. The picture below was taken using Ilford SFX film on a Pentax SuperME camera: SFX was a B&W film that was specifically sensitised to far red & infra-red wavelengths. The effect, when photographing landscapes in bright sunlight, was for

M31 Andromeda

Just a quick post to say that last Saturday night the clouds cleared briefly and allowed me a hurried chance at imaging Andromeda (M31). [Update – Please see my updated post for much improved imaging & information] For light that’s travelled for over 2 million years it still puts on quite a show. You can

Lunar Eclipse

Well this seems like a suitable first post. Over the last few days we’ve been hoping for clear skies tonight. Why? Because a lunar eclipse was due to occur. This is when the earth passes between the sun & the moon. They don’t happen at every full moon because the moon’s orbit is tilted and