Water & Electric

Water and Electric don’t mix, so why would you run power lines through a puddle!   Click to see larger image … Sparks might fly!   IceRocket tags: Photography, Reflections, Humour

Galaxies, without a telescope

My idea for this post is to illustrate that it is very possible to image interesting objects in the night sky, without the use of a telescope or an especially long focal length lens. Our large neighboring galaxy M31 Andromeda is a good example, this galaxy can be made out with the naked eye, though you won’t

Flowers in the Rain

Floral macro photography can be very rewarding; and there are many different techniques & styles. The other evening it came on to rain lightly, just as darkness was falling, and this gave me the opportunity to take a few shots that I have been waiting to do. Whilst I do take some controlled studio shots I

Look Closely & Imagine

I really enjoy macro photography; it can show us worlds that we don’t usually notice. What’s life like for other creatures? A beautiful flower in our garden might be a fast food bar or a solarium for a small insect. Take this afternoon for example, I was enjoying one of my favourite roses. It has beautiful

Dyfi Forest and Cadair Idris

Well I’ve been posting so much on astronomy recently that I’ve neglected other types of photography. The last few days have been stunning & yesterday Tamsin & I went for a local wander, opportunity for a few landscape shots 🙂 This is where I live, a totally inspirational place, whatever the season. The mountain in