Ducks, Wild Horses & Ancient Burials

The other day we took some time out to do one of our educational trips. Such a variety of things and just on our doorstep so I thought that I should post about it. We started off by journeying up towards Clocaenog, a nice trip via Dolgellau & Bala, always inspiring whatever the weather. Just

Water & Electric

Water and Electric don’t mix, so why would you run power lines through a puddle!   Click to see larger image … Sparks might fly!   IceRocket tags: Photography, Reflections, Humour

Galaxies, without a telescope

My idea for this post is to illustrate that it is very possible to image interesting objects in the night sky, without the use of a telescope or an especially long focal length lens. Our large neighboring galaxy M31 Andromeda is a good example, this galaxy can be made out with the naked eye, though you won’t

Flowers in the Rain

Floral macro photography can be very rewarding; and there are many different techniques & styles. The other evening it came on to rain lightly, just as darkness was falling, and this gave me the opportunity to take a few shots that I have been waiting to do. Whilst I do take some controlled studio shots I

Look Closely & Imagine

I really enjoy macro photography; it can show us worlds that we don’t usually notice. What’s life like for other creatures? A beautiful flower in our garden might be a fast food bar or a solarium for a small insect. Take this afternoon for example, I was enjoying one of my favourite roses. It has beautiful