Photographing Chromosomes

As readers of my blog will be aware, I enjoy imaging natural things. For me ” Natural World” includes the very big (like galaxies) and the really rather small (like cells). I’ve decided to include some Microscopy (or Photomicrography) in my blog, so by way of a start I thought I’d include some images of

Infra-Red Photography

Those of you who follow my blog will remember that I enjoy infra-red photography, cf Seeing Red. I have recently acquired a digital camera that has been converted to image in a broader spectrum than our visible one. It is sensitive from 300nm UV to 1100nm IR; by using front filters the range can be

Autumn – Signs & Hues

Popped out to Dolgellau last week, late afternoon was dull cloudy & wet, yet within a little over an hour, a beautiful but fleeting sunset developed. Typical changeable autumn conditions for us. The picture above is of the old bridge over the Afon Mawddach, between Dolgellau & Llanelltyd. A  fly fisherman stands in front of the