Achieving top speed – Land Animals

There are various mechanical methods of running / galloping along the ground and various physiological developments that can aid this. I was wondering how some of nature’s speed merchants achieve their top speed. As many an athletics coach will tell you, there are two variables concerned with running quickly – the rate at which one

The Atlantic Puffin

These charming seabirds can be watched in a few coastal locations around the U.K. with Bempton Cliffs being perhaps the most well known mainland location. There are however some really great island seabird colonies to visit, where Puffins have a significant presence. All of my images for this article were taken on a fantastic trip


So we’re having something of a Harry Potter marathon this week. Last week ,in preparation, I finally completed my Pottermore registration. What’s really cool is that Tamsin & I have ended up in the same houses at both Hogwarts & Ilvermorny. That is, Hufflepuff & Thunderbird. So by way of a little celebration here is