Look Closely & Imagine

I really enjoy macro photography; it can show us worlds that we don’t usually notice. What’s life like for other creatures? A beautiful flower in our garden might be a fast food bar or a solarium for a small insect. Take this afternoon for example, I was enjoying one of my favourite roses. It has beautiful

Quartz – Rock of Ages

Yes yes I know poor title choice, I am a Def Leppard fan after all. Anyway this post is really about quartz the rock, you know put a voltage across it and it pulses regularly to keep your wrist watch nice & accurate. Well I’ve always had a thing for it. I used to collect

Woody Woodpecker

We have been watching the woodpecker family on & off, for the last few days. The male appears to be doing much of the work with their juvenile, who has gradually been coaxed out of the tree and down to our feeding station. This evening, a fairly dull wet one, the male was collecting food

Lunar Eclipse

Well this seems like a suitable first post. Over the last few days we’ve been hoping for clear skies tonight. Why? Because a lunar eclipse was due to occur. This is when the earth passes between the sun & the moon. They don’t happen at every full moon because the moon’s orbit is tilted and