The Ghost Swift

This beautiful moth is extremely well named, on summer nights you might see the male dancing its ghostly dance across your garden. He is trying to attract a mate with his rapidly moving wing beats whilst hovering & darting just above the vegetation. The scientific name for this moth is Hepialus humuli. The female is

Goosey Geese at Ynys Hir

We took a quick trip to our local RSPB reserve this week. Just a quick afternoon trip but very enjoyable none the less, if you’re in the area please do consider visiting this fantastic resource. You can find out more by clicking here. Whilst there are many different species to spot, from squirrels & songbirds

Garden Birds – Up Close

The last few days I’ve been testing some new photography equipment. The weather has been fairly damp & murky, until today, which was beautiful. Anyway I decided that one of my test subjects should be some of the birds in and around the garden / hedgerows. Amongst others that includes: – Chaffinch- Brambling – Blue

Autumn – Signs & Hues

Popped out to Dolgellau last week, late afternoon was dull cloudy & wet, yet within a little over an hour, a beautiful but fleeting sunset developed. Typical changeable autumn conditions for us. The picture above is of the old bridge over the Afon Mawddach, between Dolgellau & Llanelltyd. A  fly fisherman stands in front of the

Saving the Unicorn

It’s a dark, wet & windy night outside tonight; last few nights too. No astrophotography then, and I’m almost up to date with my standard photo processing – that means I’ve had a little time to indulge myself in a hobby that I keep meaning to learn but never get around too – computer aided