Buff Tip Caterpillars

A fairly chunky moth that lives in our region is the Buff Tip (Phalera bucephala). It is often to be seen in flight on a summer’s eve and when resting on a branch, it’s markings can camouflage it as a broken twig. By autumn time, one may notice groups of reasonably substantial yellow / green

Butterflies of Wales

The sunshine is back! So posted here, are 10 butterflies that you might see if you visit Mid Wales. I photographed all of them at my home in Dyfi forest. They are: Comma – Polygonum c-album Small tortoiseshell – Aglais urticae Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta Wall – Lasiommata megera Small white – Artogeia rapae

The Ghost Swift

This beautiful moth is extremely well named, on summer nights you might see the male dancing its ghostly dance across your garden. He is trying to attract a mate with his rapidly moving wing beats whilst hovering & darting just above the vegetation. The scientific name for this moth is Hepialus humuli. The female is