The Grey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea)

Grey Wagtails are a bright active bird, rather more colourful than their name suggests. They prefer to live along fast flowing sections of rivers & streams and are native residents across much of Britain, particularly western areas like Wales. An ideal location would be one with plenty of rocks & pebbles to perch upon and

Cool Surveys

RSPB Big Garden Bird watch, it’s amazing how quickly the year goes by. We chose to do our watch on the Saturday this year and it’s been a beautiful crisp cold day. Most of the expected birds turned up for their daily feed, you can see our results further down this post. A Nuthatch enjoys

Garden Birds – Landing Technique

To view how some of the garden birds approach landing on a feeder, I photographed them at high shutter speeds. The composite image below shows some of the results:    click image for a larger view … They each appear to approach at significantly different speeds. The chaffinches certainly seemed easier to catch in frame