Tamaris (my horse of a lifetime)

Here is a brief introductory tale about a young teenager & the thoroughbred horse that she fell in love with. A short story that horse fans might enjoy; a tale of learning, perseverance and understanding.

Carneddau Ponies

Living in the Carneddau range of mountains (being the largest contiguous area of high ground in Wales & England) are a true gem of wild Wales – the Carneddau Ponies. These rare ponies are a glorious insight in to British equines of the past. It is believed that they have roamed freely across these beautiful

Teenatoo Portrait

Just finished doing a portrait of “Teenatoo”, my chestnut thoroughbred mare. The digital painting is produced in oils and has soft pencil remarks around the mount. You can see a small version by clicking the image below: She’s quite a character and this was a fun piece of artwork to do. Now I just have

Equine Portraits – Head Shots, natural light

There are many ways to photograph a horse, one classic composition is the facial portrait. Whilst it is possible to use flash lighting & artificial back drops, this is not necessary; rewarding portraits can be achieved with just natural light. This does of course require some patience, waiting for the desired lighting. Today was just