Excitement on a misty morning

Saturday morning dawned with mountain mist and a quiet rumbling in the hills. We packed our flask full of warming chilli & tub of flapjacks, along with just a little photo kit 😉 and headed out on foot for Gartheiniog. Here we found international sports stars like freshly reconfirmed world champion Sebastien Ogier and previous


So we’re having something of a Harry Potter marathon this week. Last week ,in preparation, I finally completed my Pottermore registration. What’s really cool is that Tamsin & I have ended up in the same houses at both Hogwarts & Ilvermorny. That is, Hufflepuff & Thunderbird. So by way of a little celebration here is


We all come across obstacles in our life. Some are boundaries that perhaps should not be crossed, whilst others need bridging to allow the continuance of our journey. Larger obstacles require good supports for the bridge to be strong. Our choice of support & method of bridging can not only change our final destination but

RGB – Natures Universe online store opens

Fan fare please. Just on schedule, the Nature’s Universe store website opened at the end of August. This completes the basic rebuild of our web presence. All the our key web locations can be accessed from our base url at www.naturesuniverse.com. Alternatively you can visit sections directly via the urls given below: Portfolio – portfolio.naturesuniverse.com