Pumpkin Moon

Tamsin’s Halloween pumpkin often makes an appearance for Bonfire Night. This year’s theme was “Bats around the moon”. Hope the dark magic doesn’t go to far .. Witches and Dark Call upon Kith & Kin Bats commanded to Hark Enchant the Pumpkin Rise up real soon Eclipse that moon

Wales Rally GB 2017

Another year, another rally BUT this time we have a local leader in the form of Elfyn Evans and Daniel Barritt. Lots of fun , lots of excitement. I’m just going to let the photos do the talking …

Barmouth Bridge 150th Anniversary Fireworks

The iconic bridge at Barmouth is 150 years old & celebrations were in full swing last night with song, music, dance & much merriment. You can read more about the bridge on wiki. I’m a fan of Barmouth (& you won’t hear me say that of many towns) and of fireworks too, so it was

Social Media – Reflections On

Personal reflections upon social media and why I am reducing my use of it. I guess it all started for me back in the early – mid nineties, before widespread access to the world wide web. Access to bulletin boards (like those on CompuServe) and to internet newsgroups, opened up a smorgasbord of discussion &