NGC7000 & the Pelican in H alpha

The North American Nebula (NGC7000) & the neighbouring Pelican Nebula (IC5070) are just 2 of the beautiful cosmic sights to be seen in the constellation of Cygnus, "The Swan". Having undertaken a brief tour of Cygnus last summer, I am encouraged to do so in more depth this year – providing time & weather cooperate

A more colourful Whirlpool Galaxy photograph

Whilst my previous image of M51 was an improvement upon my original attempt from last summer, I felt that it lacked colour & character; so I’ve had another go at it! Background Info As mentioned previously, Messier 51 is located in Canes Venatici and is pictured here with its companion galaxy NGC 5195. The pair

M5 Globular Cluster

I have a growing appreciation of Globular Clusters, a recent break in the weather allowed me to image Messier object 5. The image below is a stack of only 7 sub-exposures.   Click image for a larger view … Exposure: 18mins (4x2mins, 2x3mins, 1x4mins) Focal Length: 1000mm (500mm + x2 extender) Focal Ratio: f8 Camera:

Barnard’s Loop & Orion

Earlier on in the Winter, I promised a deeper Orion image. Well with the arrival of my 13nm Ha filter, I’ve been able to take a first shot at this.   Click image for a larger view … It’s now getting towards the wrong time of year for me to be imaging low down in

The Leo Triplet

The 3 Galaxies named: Messier 65 (Mag 9.3   SB 12.80) Messier 66 (Mag 8.9   SB 12.70) NGC 3628  (Mag 10.3 SB 14.21) make up the Leo Triplet, a classic cluster of Galaxies, as shown below.   Click on image for a larger view … CameraOpticsFocal LengthFocal RatioISOAutoguiding?SubsTotal Exposure Canon 40D (unmodified)Canon 500L IS + x1.4