Orion updates – autumn ’08 pt.1

As regular readers of my blog will probably have realised, I have a particular fondness for the constellation of Orion. Earlier this year I spent some time creating a blog post about the constellation. However, the year rolled on and I ran out of clear skies to do further imaging. Well with autumn, Orion is

IC1396 & the Elephant’s Trunk

IC1396 is an open cluster with associated nebulosity, located in the constellation of Cepheus, some 2400 light years away. It is seen with bright Ha emissions & dark dust lanes, some of which are concealing young proto stars. Within the cluster there are 2 nebulae designated IC1396A & IC1396B. The A part is also called

Jupiter’s Moons ’08

After what I think was 2 months of cloud, last night gave me a welcome view of the night sky. Conditions did not look as if they would last, so whilst setting up for a deep sky shot of IC1396 (post to follow) I took a quick snapshot of Jupiter & her Galilean moons. This

The Milky Way

When thinking about imaging galaxies it is easy to over look our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Most of the nebulae & star clusters that we image, are part of the Milky Way. Last night offered a brief respite in the summer clouds, which allowed me to take a quick widefield image of our galaxy.

Cygnus Loop ’08 – Part 1

As part of my summer project (an exploration of Cygnus), I am aiming to create a detailed mosaic of the Cygnus Loop (Veil Nebula). The clouds have not been helpful so far and the forecast for the next few weeks is no better ๐Ÿ™ However I have had chance to take a test widefield image