Photographing Jupiter with her moons

Beyond the Sun & the Moon  , some of the brightest objects in the skies are a few of our fellow planets. It is quite reasonable & fun to set out on an adventure photographing them from your own back yard. The photograph below demonstrates how this can be done with a standard camera setup. The

Shooting Stars, Meteors and the Perseids

The recent meteor shower  was a great celestial occasion for both viewing and photography. In this post I hope to explain what causes the ‘shooting star’ displays and illustrate how they appear to radiate from a particular point in the night sky. I’ve been waiting for a clear sky on the peak night of the

Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3)

Finally got to view & picture this comet. Comet Lulin is a non-periodic comet which is currently passing close to Earth. Perigee was on Feb 24th 2009 as seen from Earth. Clouds have been a significant problem here in Snowdonia & it wasn’t until tonight that I could actually get a glimpse of this comet.

Disasters & a 74% waxing moon

Well the bad news first, I’m currently out of the game with my deep sky astroimaging. At least I’m assuming that’s what a big flash followed by a nasty burning smell, both emanating from my astro control PC, is likely to mean! Oh well I have a huge amount of work to do anyway, so

Barnards Loop – revisited

Well the night of Boxing Day (26th Dec) proved to be lovely and clear; dark too with it being a new moon. The stars of Orion were twinkling beautifully in the south-eastern sky, so I just couldn’t resist going and grabbing a few hours of hydrogen alpha subs. I’d been waiting since last spring to