The Rosette Nebula NGC2237-9, a closer look

My previous post about the Rosette contained a wide view taken with an unmodified camera. I have now had chance to image this beautiful nebula with a modified camera. Firstly lets just review some information about the nebula:

The Rosette Nebula is located in Monoceros ( the Unicorn) and comprises of NGC2237 – 9 & 46. It is a large mass of dust and ionised gas. At its core is NGC 2244 a bright young star cluster. It is 5500 light years from Earth.


This image shows far more detail than the previous one but with only 1hr of exposure. In the future I hope to undertake a very deep study of this beautiful object and to include some Ha filtered data too.

Image Data:

Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Total Exposure
Canon 300D (modified)
Canon 500mm f4 L IS + 1.4x ext
24 x 2.5mins
1 hour


BTW This is first light with an Astronomiser modified Canon 300D using Baader Ha pass filter. If you’re in the UK and want an astro DSLR, then why not give them a go.


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