The Rosette Nebula

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The Rosette Nebula is located in Monoceros ( the Unicorn) and comprises of NGC2237 – 9 & 46. It is a large mass of dust and ionised gas. At its core is NGC 2244, a relatively young cluster of stars, freshly formed from the nebulous dust. These hot young stars help to illuminate the nebula, as pictured below:

rosette-stackan1-wb-asinh-1  Click image for larger view …

The nebula is about 5500 light years away and it appears in our winter skies as a beautiful astrophotography target.

Given the large proportion of infra-red light emitted by this nebula, it is yet another target that begs a modified or specialist camera. However my trusty Canon 20D has again performed admirably; here are the imaging details:

  • Canon 20D 100-400L @ 250mm
  • f5.6
  • ISO 1600
  • 1hr 52.5mins in 75 subs
  • Iris, PixInsight, Photoshop & Lightroom for processing.

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