M81 Bode's Galaxy

M81 was dicovered by a Mr Bode in 1774, hence the galaxy’s name. It is the largest galaxy of the M81 group.

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The galaxy is a classic spiral whose nature has been enhanced by the nearby presence of M82. The M81 group is some 12 million light years distant from Earth.

The detailed images of M81 & M82 were taken during a full moon, with intermittent high level cloud. These are far from ideal conditions for imaging deep sky objects and I increased the exposure times to assist with image detail capture. The total exposure time for the above image was just over 1hr 10mins.


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  1. Dave Moulton

    Some superb pics on here considering they are unguided. Well done to you. I also take Astro images using a Canon 350d but have recently started parallel guiding using a 80mm refractor and Meade DSI. Taking 10 minute subs now from light polluted Connah’s Quay North Wales. Well done again with the pics.


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