M5 Globular Cluster

I have a growing appreciation of Globular Clusters, a recent break in the weather allowed me to image Messier object 5. The image below is a stack of only 7 sub-exposures.

m5-stack-wb-asinh1-a2  Click image for a larger view …

  • Exposure: 18mins (4x2mins, 2x3mins, 1x4mins)
  • Focal Length: 1000mm (500mm + x2 extender)
  • Focal Ratio: f8
  • Camera: Canon 300D (modified)
  • Guiding: SX Lodestar / 300mm mirror

Messier 5 was discovered by Gottfried Kirch in 1702 and then again by Messier in 1764. It is 24,500 light years distant and is seen at magnitude 5.6 in the constellation Serpens. Estimates of the number of stars within the cluster vary from 100,000 to 500,000.

To read more about Globular Clusters in general, see what Encyclopaedia Britannica has to say. 

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