Cygnus Loop / Veil Nebula

NGC6992 & NGC6960 (as pictured below) along with NGC6979, are the main visible remnants of a supernova explosion that happened at least 15,000 years ago. They are clouds of hot gaseous matter.

Veil Nebula Mosaic

The image above (Canon 300D Sigma 300mm lens) is a rough wide field mosaic image to show the positioning of the two detailed images below. To the left is NGC6992, with NGC6960 on the right. I hope to revisit this site and carry out more detailed wide field imagery, in the future. The supernova would have been centred approximately half way between these two remnants.

NGC 6960 Veil Nebula (East)

NGC6960 as imaged above is my favourite part of this object. Often called ‘The Veil Nebula’ by itself this is a beautifully delicate & colourful object. The image was taken using a Canon 20D at Prime focus on a C6SCT @ f6.3 & ISO3200. 46 sub exposures were taken for a total exposure time of 1hr 9mins. Click on the image to see a larger version.

NGC6992 Veil Nebula (West)

This image of NGC6992 was taken with the same details as above, save for a total exposure time of only 39 minutes (in 26 subs). The different colours are due to different elements that when excited in gaseous form, emit various specific wavelengths of light. Imaging with a standard daylight camera (as here) does not show all the red & infra-red light; a modified camera would have considerably more sensitivity to that end of the spectrum. As before, click on the image to see a larger version.

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