Cygnus Loop ’08 – Part 1

As part of my summer project (an exploration of Cygnus), I am aiming to create a detailed mosaic of the Cygnus Loop (Veil Nebula). The clouds have not been helpful so far and the forecast for the next few weeks is no better šŸ™ However I have had chance to take a test widefield image of the loop region.

This image is intended as the rough outline for my mosaic, the lid of the jigsaw puzzle box, if you like. It consists of 5 x 5 minute sub exposures at ISO 800 & f3.2; so not much integration time but hopefully deep enough.

veil-130608-b1f od2-AL2b   Click image for a larger view …

Anyway, with the lack of available imaging time, I thought I’d share the above image with you. Hopefully something is better than nothing!

Image Data:

Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Total Exposure
Canon 300D (modified)
Canon 70 – 200 L
Astronomik UHC filter
CG5 German equatorial
SX Lodestar @ 300mm & PHD
5 x 300s


The whole nebulous area is a remnant of an ancient Supernova that took place some 15 to 20 thousand years ago. It is located only about 2,600 light years away from Earth.

It is catalogued as several separate entries including NGC6960 (the Witch’s Broom or Western Veil) to the right & NGC6992 (the Eastern Veil) to the left. Also included are NGC6995 (below 6992), NGC6974 & 6979 (top middle-left) and Fleming’s Triangular Wisp (top middle-right).

To view this region in Worldwide Telescope follow this link.

Watch this space over the coming months for a more detailed image (oh & please wish me clear skies!).


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